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Monday, September 22, 2014

Beginner Tips to the Budding Makeup Artist

    The idea of becoming a makeup artist may seem overwhelming, not simply as a personal challenge but also a financial feat. When I first became interested in makeup artistry, I owned three eye shadows and a tube of mascara. I had no idea where to begin or who to ask! I thought eyelash curlers were ancient artifacts and foundation was akin to concealer. I am, by far, not a conventional makeup artist. I am a canvas painter who started a strange journey a few years ago that landed me with the job title. Ah, another story for another time.

    I've changed this article and broken in down into smaller segments from its original publication on Squidoo. Here are some really basic, "where to start" tips and resources.

    “If you're starting out with three eye shadows and a tube of lip gloss, 
    get in front of the mirror and start figuring out how many different looks
    you can create with three eyeshadows and maybe some lipgloss.”

    Momma always said, "You have to show the world what you can do with nothing." The rest will follow suit. P.S. Throw out every "rule" you've ever been told about how to wear makeup. That helps.

    Already figured out a few killer looks?

    In all seriousness, read read read! I started digging on the forums of Model Mayhem, a networking site for models and photographers (and everyone else in the industry). Next, I went to Youtube. I desperately needed someone to show me how on earth they got eyeliner on their lids!

    Model Mayhem: Mentors in Makeup
    Youtube: EnKoreMakeup
    Youtube: Petrilude
    Youtube: Pixiwoo

    Blend, blend, blend your makeup!

    Seamless gradations look clean and beautiful.

    Contouring is an extremely powerful tool that will aid you in accentuating or down-playing parts of the face. This is useful when it comes to making up different face types.